I put off getting The Little Bit Project started because I felt it wouldn't be supported enough.  

I have passed on attending several different events because I felt my look wouldn't be chic or fashionable enough.  

I have missed out on doing some fun and exciting things because I felt I wasn't thin enough.  

I have made it a point to move to the rear in group pictures because I felt I wasn't pretty enough. 

I have not shared my feelings on things in a discussion because I felt that what I had to say wasn't important enough. 

I stayed in some horrible situations because I felt I wasn't deserving enough to demand more.  

This is not even a complete list of all the things I did or did not do because of some feeling of not being ....something...enough.  Somehow though, I have started putting those words, thoughts, and feelings further and further to the back burner.  And more and more I am realizing just how much enough I am.  

I'm woman enough to begin to speak up for myself and not cower in a corner fearing anything from anyone.  

I am supported enough to have created, nourished, and grown The Little Bit Project from a seed in my brain into the still rising flower that it is today with the love and assistance of those who believe in what it represents.  

I am independent enough to look forward to planning summer travel to check off some bucket list items - SOLO.  

I'm smart enough to realize that I am growing more and more each day.  And to celebrate that growth.  

So I'm urging you to share your "whatever" - share that limiting lie turned belief that you will no longer let guide your life.  Share it with me.  Speak it out - set yourself free.  And make sure you are not bound and gagged by it ever again.  


What is your - whatever - ?