Get Out of Jail Free


Do you feel contained, stifled, restricted? Are you feeling put upon, used, miserable?

We all experience some shade of these feelings at some point. The question to ponder is this - what is really making you feel this way? Are external forces really holding you up, or is it your perception of said circumstances?

Might you feel better if you changed your thinking - especially if you cannot change the circumstances? Are the "bars" you live behind real or a figment of your imagination?

Shift your views and see if you don't just notice that those bars you THOUGHT were caging you in fade away to nothingness.

We are so very powerful. Our brains are magicians. Instead of pulling that poor rabbit out of the hat just to put him back in there after your TADA! - create those beautiful white birds out of thin air and let them fly away and enjoy their freedom. Those beautiful white birds ARE you. And don't you deserve to be able to fly free?