Support our GoFundMe Campaign!


I started The Little Bit Project just over 6 months ago, although I had been toying with the idea of it in various forms for a few years.  I created accounts on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter and began building this website.  I paid for my first set of Little Bit Cards to be printed and started with giving them to some friends who had heard me talk about the idea and really wanted to see me be successful with it.  I asked people to sign up on the website to get cards in the mail.  I bought the envelopes and inserts, printed letters, rented a P.O.Box, and made my way to the post office as often as needed to spread my message.  I paid for the postage to send them worldwide - and did so with a smile.  I shopped for flowers, food for the bag lunches we made and handed out and handled any other expense that came up.  Several friends and supporters made it their business to donate whatever they could to keep the movement going.  And I can't thank them enough.  But the majority of the work of The Little Bit Project has remained self-funded.  

These are the expenses that led me to begin a GoFundMe campaign.  I knew that people believed in this movement - which is very much about loving and supporting one another - so I decided to ask for some support for it to continue with consistency.  This idea has grown so much over these past months: 

  • Little Bit Cards placed in or mailed to 12 different countries!  
  • Provided coffee, donuts, Little Bit Cards, love and kindness to families waiting for word on their loved ones in the Intensive Care Unit of Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit.
  • Gave holiday cards, notes of encouragement, and Little Bit Cards to the gentlemen of Mariners Inn, a homeless shelter and treatment facility for me in Detroit. 
  • Made and delivered bag lunches to the homeless on the streets of Midtown Detroit and at the Detroit Rescue Mission.  
  • Delivered Valentine's Day cards, notes of encouragement, candy and flowers to women at Naomi's Nest - a homeless shelter and treatment facility for women, and COTS (The Coalition on Temporary Shelter).

And with all The Little Bit Project has accomplished, there is much left to be done.  Please consider donating to our campaign.  And know that everything received will go SOLELY to further our mission and goals.  We’re also open to taking donations from those of you that own printing companies or other services that can further our cause.

Whether you donate or not, please spread the word about The Little Bit Project, what we do, and about our GoFundMe campaign.  

Thank you so much for all of your love and support.