It's 2016!


Happy New Year!  There is something wonderful and exciting about new beginnings, isn't there?   It's a clean slate; a new page in the book of life; another chance to get it right; and a million other clichés that you can probably recite with minimal thought. 

But this year I'm continuing with a theme I focus on very often - balance. It's essential. Too much of a good thing can arguably be as bad for you as too much of a good thing. Balance. So with that, I hope that this new year brings you more of all the things that make your heart sing and less of those things that cause it to long for a melody. 

Here's to a year with more: love, laughter, smiles, hugs, kisses, passion, pride in ourselves, confidence, positive people, goals accomplished, and anything else that can allow our gardens to flourish and grow!