Perseverance is a Superpower


Over the past few days I have really thought about giving up. Giving up on some friendships. Tossing in the towel on some dreams. Giving some aspirations the axe. I've wanted to do nothing more but explore the depths of my mattress, see how long I could lay in one spot without my legs going to sleep and find out many seconds pass between each breath. Right. It's been that bad. 

The good news is - I'm here. And you are too.  I decided not to give up.  And since you are reading my words, something inside of you made you decide to hang on in there too.  There could be any number of reasons why we decided not to let go.  Whatever our reasons, it is important to make it clear - we did have a choice.  

Close to 8% of high school students drop out.

Forty-five to fifty percent of first marriages end in divorce.  

More than 2 million people quit their jobs each month.

Every year, about 34,000 people commit suicide.  


Clearly we could have made a different choice about giving up.  We would have had lots of company.  But here we stand.  We're all brushed off and ready to give it a go and fight the good fight - again.  But why?  What made us choose this route?  I submit to you that we possess a little recognized superpower - - perseverance.  

Although our tenacity may wane and waver from time to time, it holds its own.  We bend but are not broken.  There is something to be said for that strength found within all of us.  We have no guarantees that the next minute, next hour, or next day will be any better than what we just muddled through; but we choose to carry on.  We choose to not only persevere but to have hope - hope that things will get better.  Perhaps we are born with this superpower.  Maybe it's planted in us like a seed at birth and it grows and develops as we do.  Our "perseverance petunias" are perpetual, perhaps. They magically stay fresh and beautiful, so that when we need them, its as though they just blossomed.  It's possible that the love we give and receive from others feeds our inner flower, so when we feel like we have lost our connection to that love we are reminded that it is still there. And it always will be. Imagine that the soil our internal seed it rooted in is based on all of the previous times that we gave something one more try and things worked out in our favor. Maybe the soil itself has a "memory" that can help us hold on to the hope that once again, if we keep on going, everything will be alright. 

According to all of the books and movies, superpowers are amazing things to possess. The person who has these abilities is so unique and extraordinary that they are called superheroes!  They know early on in life that they are one of a kind, special, and hand picked by a superior power to own these phenomenal abilities. And while they may often have to keep their powers a secret from the rest of the world they are always aware of their existence within them. They have the ability to call forth their might and use them whenever they are needed. Just like that whisper we hear in our hearts to just keep going, even though we're not sure what's waiting for us once we do. 

I challenge you to harness your superpower of perseverance. Know that it's within you and that you can tap into it whenever necessary. Strengthen and feed that soil where it thrives with love - from yourself and from others. Remember - you are specially chosen. You have a superpower. That makes you a superhero. So strap on your cape, go forth, and save the world - beginning with your own!