Read It, See It, HEAR IT!

You have been able to connect with The Little Bit Project in multiple ways - Facebook, Twitter, Instagram - beginning April 1 we will have a brand new way to link up!  We have collaborated with our friends at Beat Street Radio and Honeycomb Music to bring you A Little Bit of Inspiration radio spots!  

The radio spots are just a Little Bit of what you love most about us; positive energy, motivation and inspiration.  

On Beat Street Radio, the spots can be heard at various times throughout the day.  This Brazil- based online radio station, created by DJ Anderson Sores, plays all types of soulful music, including house, R&B, classics, acid jazz and hip hop!  Best of all, you can tune in at any time!  It's on the air 24/7.  

Honeycomb Music is a hotbed of good old fashioned music.  Although it was initially established as a record label by Josh Milan, it has grown in a myriad of ways - including two different internet radio shows.  A Little Bit of Inspiration will be aired on their Random Nights at Honeycomb Music.  Aired sporadically, as the name suggests, this show features the best of jazz, from Louis Armstrong to Nancy Wilson and everything in between.  

Please support these stations and shows as you get a regular dose of A Little Bit of Inspiration!