The Little Bit Project Holiday Drive Recap - Part 1


I wanted to show some love to a few children in the city of Detroit who I thought could really use it.  

I wanted to  help some parents who have a hard time giving their babies what they want and need a break.  

I wanted to spread the joy of the season.  

I wanted to give everyone the opportunity to do those things right along with me.


At the end of September, I reached out to Ms. Berry.  She was the Senior Case Coordinator at Matrix Human Services.  I had worked with her before on other projects, most recently for The Bridge Program at Naomi's Nest.  Ms. Berry is an angel.  Her heart is pure and she is truly an inspiration.  I told Ms. Berry what I wanted to do.  I wanted The Little Bit Project to adopt some young people for Christmas.  She was grateful that we wanted to lend a hand and we got right down to business.  Each family filled out a sheet that asked for the names, sizes, needs and wants of each of the children in the family.  By the time I met with Ms. Berry to pick up the completed wish lists, there were fifteen young people that we were going to be looking after for Christmas.  Both of us were excited.  But I have to say, I was a little concerned.


I had participated in holiday drives or toy drives with another organization to which I belong.  However, there are six of us in that organization.  Six.  Plenty of backs to lean on and people to take up any slack.  This time, I was essentially rolling solo.  I knew i was going to put out a call for support from friends, but since this was my first time spearheading anything like this, I wasn't sure about what type of response I would receive.  I went straight home and got started looking over the wish lists from the families and started adding things to an Amazon Wish List specifically created for The Holiday Drive.  

With the Amazon list completed, I tossed it out on social media and just waited to see what would happen.  First, one item was purchased.  I was THRILLED! Someone sent a donation!  People were liking the posts, commenting on the posts, and sharing the posts on social media.  One of my dear friends created a video to share via Facebook and Instagram to spread the word about the Holiday Drive.  Those videos were viewed by close to 5,000 people!!  This same friend played weekly announcements about the Holiday Drive on his weekly internet radio show that has several thousand listeners worldwide!  More items were being purchased and more donations were being made - from all over the world!  The boxes were stacking up!  Now, I'm thinking...this may just work out!


Stay tuned...Part 2 of the recap will be posted soon!