Show Some Love!


Greetings Little Bit Buddies!  

Following the success of our Little Bit Love Notes campaign during the Christmas Season, we have decided to keep the love going!  

During the holiday season we asked you, our supporters, to write general notes of encouragement. We took your notes, put them inside of a Little Bit Holiday Card and distributed them to gentlemen at Mariners Inn (a men's homeless shelter and treatment facility) in Detroit on Christmas morning. The men were grateful and appreciative that people - strangers - had taken the time to think of them during the holiday season. You can read all about that experience here

With Valentine's Day right around the corner, we want to keep the love flowing!  We are asking you to write and submit Little Bit Love Notes to be distributed on February 14. This time our focus will be on women in homeless shelters or treatment facilities.  

 Little Bit Love Notes are intended to be a way to let the less fortunate know that they are not forgotten.  Think of them as a pep talk from one stranger to another - who desperately needs it. Here is how you can participate:

  • Write a general note of encouragement.  It doesn't need to be long.  It can be handwritten or typed.
  • When writing your notes, remember that they will be distributed to adult women. 
  • Mail your note to: The Little Bit Project, 1401 West Fort Street #32194, Detroit, MI, 48216 or email it to:
  • We will place your note inside of a Little Bit Greeting Card (your mailing address will not be included - all notes will be removed from their envelopes)
  • We will distribute the Little Bit Greeting Cards to women in shelters or treatment facilities.

We thank you in advance for your support of this campaign.  There is no limit to how far your gesture of love and kindness can go.