The Journey is the Destination - Revisited!

I took some time to review a few of the essays I have written when I came across this one.  I originally wrote and shared it in 2009!  Wow!  Six years ago!  This same topic, slowing down and enjoying the view on this life's journey, is still at the forefront of my mind quite often.  I have even recently kept a promise I made to myself long ago about incorporating meditation and mindfulness into my daily routine.  But that's something I'll share in an upcoming post.  For now, I hope you'll enjoy and identify with this essay that I originally published in December 2009.  

Many of us spend an abundance of time striving for our "ideal life". People marry for money, they act against their morals and standards to advance in their careers, they juggle people and relationships, they sacrifice the "little things" to give the appearance that they have all of the "big things" on a regular basis. Our society has, it seems, become so obsessed with the concept of being on top, that I think we are missing a very important step in the process of learning how to live your best life. 

Too many people have their eyes so focused on the finish line that they manipulate the truth to non-existance to reach it. They concentrate on the destination and lose sight of the lessons to be learned during the journey. Traveling through life with blinders on as to only see the end goal is almost the equivalent of not traveling at all. 

As time goes on, I believe that one of the main reasons our minds are wired to be goal-driven is to experience the stops along the way, not to simply accomplish our missions. 

I think to really master the overall objective of life, we have to become more aware of the things we do, think and say - to ourselves and to others - along the way. Karma is real, and although we may not see the direct correlation between our words and actions immediately, please believe it does all balance out in the end. The ultimate question is: what type of balance would you like to have in the bank account of life at the conclusion of the journey? One with the most money and fame, the house and car you always wanted, and your dream job - with a feeling of intense unhappiness and the perpetual feeling that "something is missing" in your life? Or would you prefer having a modest but satisfactory income and amount of recognition from your peers, a car and house that suits your needs, and a job that you love and that loves you back - with the feeling that things are in their rightful place and you are content in the space where you are right now? 

How we live our lives right now, and how rich we make the experience of each moment determines our life balance when it is all said and done. The more we stop to smell the flowers, appreciate the sunshine and praise the rain, treat others in our lives as souls that are a reflection of ourselves and pay attention to the smallest of details, the more money we add to that life bank account. 

So, start today. Invest in your life's 401K plan. All contributions are matched 100% by the Universe...and the interest that is paid on your account is immeasurable.