We Are Live!


A delay is not necessarily a denial. 

In December of 2012, I came up with an idea that I was very passionate about.  I had a way to randomly spread love and positive energy in public places.  Not some big, extravagant display; but just a little bit of an unexpected pep talk. And so I called it The Little Bit Project.

Once I began making efforts to bring my idea to fruition, obstacle after
obstacle flooded my path. Disappointed. Frustrated. Confused. I felt all of that
and more - but the one thing I did not do was allow those roadblocks to derail
my dream. 

I'm so proud!  The Little Bit Project has been active for two full weeks,  The support has been amazing!  . I'm armed and ready to try to knock a hole in these often dark days and let a little light shine through. I have a few people who love me and have been cheering me on -
sometimes blindly. I have a few others that get the gist of what I'm trying to do and they have hopped on the wagon with plans to go along for the ride. I appreciate them all. And everyone else that will read or hear about this and do what they can to support. And I appreciate you too. Because I know you'll be in my corner come what may. 

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